Able Concrete Raising, Inc., has served the Twin Cities Metro Area, including St. Paul, Eagan, Woodbury, and South St. Paul, for well over two decades and is highly regarded and known as a concrete contractor that can repair damaged concrete, including sinking driveways. If your driveway has begun to sink, contact Able Concrete Raising today so that your affected concrete slabs can be raised and your driveway renewed and used safely once again. Our team at Able Concrete Raising are concrete experts, and we will give you not only the many benefits of our experience, but our solemn word that the jobs we do are done right.

Concrete Raising Process

Able Concrete Raising is licensed and insured, which provides all the more comfort and assurance of the company’s commitment to professionalism. You may assume that if your driveway or sidewalk is sinking or damaged that it is time to replace it entirely. This is not necessarily the case. Our team can pour you a new driveway (and/or sidewalk) if needed, but before we go that route, we will try to use our concrete raising technique to repair your concrete driveway. Concrete raising, or mud-jacking, is a highly effective technique in which we drill small holes into the sunken slab or slabs of concrete that needs to be raised. We then pump a slurry mixture of concrete and recycled sand into the holes. This mixture fills the void under the sunken slab, displacing air pockets, water, and the building pressure lifts the slabs to their original grade. Our team will then patch the holes with cement and your driveway will be ready for use again in just a matter of hours and for years to come.

Benefits of Concrete Raising

Concrete raising has many benefits over concrete replacement including:

● Less expensive and can save you as much as 75% of the cost of replacing concrete.
● Takes less time and your driveway or sidewalk can be used again sooner.
● Creates no mess and does not damage surrounding grassy areas.
● Mud-jacking is better for the environment as it creates less waste.

Able Concrete Raising has been a strong reputation for providing excellent work and our clients’ excellent reviews of their work tell that story. Many other concrete contractors are not similarly committed—other concrete companies are apparently motivated only by the bottom line and getting your job done quickly so that they can move on to their next contract. Our team has gained its reputation by virtue of the hard work of satisfying our clients.

If you live in the St Paul, Eagan, Woodbury, South St Paul, MN area and have a desire to improve your outdoor living space by repairing your driveway, sidewalk or apron, now is a great time to partner with Able Concrete Raising Inc. on a concrete raising project. Contact our team today at 651-688-3048 for a free estimate on the job(s) you want done.