It’s that moment when you are running on the sidewalk, feeling great, and then you face plant in a clumsy stupor. That’s right, the sidewalk that used to be a smooth, easy run has now become a treacherous journey. Your poor nose! We hope it’s not broken! If your sidewalk looks disastrous, it’s time to call the experts that will make it pleasant again. At Able Concrete Raising, we are your sidewalk raising contractor in St Paul and Eagan, MN and we are here to make life better again.

What is Concrete Raising?

If you don’t already know what concrete raising is, prepare to have your mind blown! So many people think that when their sidewalk becomes uneven and starts to lean to one side, they need to dig it up and start all over. That is completely not the case. Digging up concrete is not only extremely costly and bad for the environment, but in most cases, it’s entirely unnecessary and doesn’t solve the problem. Concrete raising, the more preferred alternative, instead raises the slumped concrete back to it’s original level and is a permanent fix to the ever revolving problem.

How Do We Raise Concrete?

Many people have asked how it works. As a sidewalk raised contractor for many years, we have executed this process to a T. We begin by drilling small holes the size of quarters into the existing concrete that has been sinking. We then add a mixture of sand and concrete to these holes to help displace the water and close the air pockets. As the pressure builds, the slab is lifted to its original level. We then patch up the holes, making this an impenetrable fix!

Benefits of Concrete Raising

Affordable Process: Replacing your concrete is estimated to cost three times as much as sidewalk raising. Additionally, we offer you a 3 year warranty, guaranteeing smooth running space for several years to come!
Environmentally Friendly: That’s right, our product is natural and made with recycled sand and rock that does no further damage to the existing environment. Not only does it not damage the existing space, but saving your concrete means a lot less waste going into a landfill and taking up space.
Fast and Efficient: After most of our jobs are done, property owners can walk on the concrete typically after only 1 hour. As concrete raising contractors, we work fast to get you results that will last for many years to come.
Clean and Easy: We clean and pressure wash all of our job site before we leave, making it the beautiful sidewalk you once loved right away. Gaining a clean sidewalk has never been so easy!

Quit tripping over your own concrete. For more information about your local sidewalk raising contractor in St Paul and Eagan, MN, contact Able Concrete Raising today at 651-688-3048.