When your sidewalk is misaligned, your concrete driveway is buckling, or your garage floor isn’t quite sitting right anymore, you might be thinking that it’s time to replace your concrete. While there are times when concrete needs to be replaced because it’s irreparably damaged with cracks, much of the time, a simple fix is all you need for a complete concrete repair. With Able Concrete Raising, we’ll fix misaligned and buckling concrete to help you save money when trying to get your St. Paul, Minnesota home looking as good as new.

Concrete Raising, or Mudjacking

When we repair concrete, we not only create less concrete waste by keeping your existing concrete intact, we also utilize recycled materials for all of our concrete repairs. Concrete raising, or mudjacking, is a concrete repair method that we use to realign concrete slabs. Often times, if your concrete has shifted or fallen to create buckles, it’s caused by air pockets beneath the surface that could not support your concrete slabs. To repair your concrete, we use environmentally friendly and cost effective concrete raising techniques, starting with drilling holes into sinking concrete slabs. We then pump a combination of sand and rock into the holes, filling any air pockets that are causing shifting and sinking.

As we fill the extra spaces beneath your concrete, it will raise to its original height, realigning with your other concrete slabs. Once we’ve finished with your concrete repairs, you won’t be able to tell the difference between slabs, and all signs of previous buckling will be gone. This is one of the enormous benefits of mudjacking compared to replacing your concrete because you can count on your repaired concrete matching all of you other slabs. When you have your concrete replaced, though, you can’t always be sure that the concrete used will match the surrounding slabs, and you may end up with concrete that looks more like patchwork.

Repair your Concrete Rather Than Replace It

By choosing to repair your concrete rather than replace it, you have the potential to save huge sums of money, spending only one-third to one-half the cost of concrete replacement. Added to that, when you choose Able Concrete Raising for your mudjacking needs, you can count on our three-year warranty to save you as much as 75 percent. We offer our warranty because we know that even when we repair a slab, there still may be air pockets beneath the surface, so if your concrete collapses again within three years, we’ll fill in any new or remaining space beneath. This, rather than replacing your concrete on top of air-filled ground, is a much more cost effective solution that won’t have you spending a fortune every few years to replace concrete that only needs a slight repair.

If you’re torn between replacing your concrete and having it repaired, Able Concrete Raising is here to help you make the best choice for you. To save you money, if your concrete slabs are merely buckling or misaligned, mudjacking is the perfect solution, saving you money and making sure your St. Paul, Minnesota home looks as good as possible. Call us today at 651-688-3048 to schedule an appointment, and see just how effective our concrete raising can be.