While Able Concrete Raising has been serving Eagan and South St. Paul, MN for over 23 years, we still get customers that are amazed at the job we perform. Whether it’s a sidewalk or a driveway, our professionals often find themselves packing up and looking at the amazed faces of our customers who were still skeptical that their concrete could be fixed. So many residents think that when their concrete is uneven that they have to replace it. Concrete replacement is both a waste of time and money. At Able Concrete Raising, we are here to show you the better solution.

Permanent Solution

Before we get into the amazing benefits of mudjacking, it’s important to understand that replacing your concrete means that the existing problem you have will likely happen again. You are putting a nice bandaid on something that needs stitches. Mudjacking is done by pumping concrete and recycled sand into holes that displace air pockets and water. Because of the way we do this, mudjacking is impervious to water, making this solution a permanent fix.

Affordably Priced

It amazes us that anyone would choose to replace their concrete when mudjacking can save you up to 75% of replacement costs! Able Concrete Raising wants you to feel so confident in the fact that you’ll save. At the same time, we offer a three year warranty to provide peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

Sending old concrete to a landfill is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of money. If you are a business, you can be fined a lot for this type of waste! Not only does mudjacking save you a trip to the dump, but it is even safe to perform! Our solution is made up of recycled rock and sand that does not damage the existing landscaping. This all-natural product is a much more environmentally safe alternative to trashing perfectly good concrete.

Lightning Fast

Watching concrete dry is definitely worse than watching paint dry. With mudjacking, your concrete will be ready to walk on within an hour after the project is complete. Best of all, there is no impact on your surrounding landscaping. We will clean up our site, pressure wash the area, and let you go on with your life in no time!

For more information about mudjacking vs concrete replacement in Eagan and South St. Paul, MN, give Able Concrete Raising a call today 651-688-3048 or email office@ableconcretemn.com.