Thinking of a way to restore your concrete without it costing an arm and a leg? At Able Concrete Raising, Inc., we lift your sinking concrete and make it look like new! If you are in the St Paul or Highland Park, MN area, Able Concrete Raising, Inc., is the perfect solution for you.

How Do We Lift Sinking Concrete?

It’s crazy how little people know about this process! We’ve even received comments about how people wish they had known about this process before they tore up their old concrete in the past. Concrete raising, or mudjacking, is a simple and affordable solution that saves you lots of time and money. At Able Concrete Raising, Inc., we drill one inch holes into the sunken slab. Then, an environmentally friendly mixture is pumped into the holes and fills in all those pockets. By filling these holes, the air pockets disperse as well as the water under the slabs. The pressure then builds and lifts the slabs back to its original spot. The rest is simple. We patch that hole, clean up the area, and let you enjoy your concrete raising results.

Better Than Replacing

There are many reasons why people should choose to lift their sinking concrete rather than to replace, but one reason always sticks out: money. It’s like Jerry McGuire all over again. People always want to be shown the money. Mudjacking saves people, on average, up to 75% of the cost of replacing their concrete! Seventy-five percent! Able Concrete Raising, Inc., also comes with a three year warranty to reinforce our belief that this is a permanent fix for your concrete. Another great attribute of mudjacking is how environmentally friendly it is. The all natural mixture pumped into the holes is made up of recycled rock and sand which will do no damage in or around the landscape. It also helps the environment by not sending a large slab of concrete to the waste. Lastly, people enjoy fast results and we can give it to them. Most of our projects can be walked on an hour after we are done. We clean and pressure wash every project we do, leaving it pristine for your enjoyment.

If you are looking for a place to lift sinking concrete in the St Paul or Highland Park, MN area, give Able Concrete Raising, Inc., a call today at 651-688-3048 or send us an email at