Driveways are the best. When you invite someone over, it’s the first physical thing that your guests will feel and touch. Not only for your guests, your driveway is something that you utilize every day. Whether you are driving out and back running errands or going to work, or playing outside with the kids, a driveway is something that is used time and time again. So when it begins to sink, it’s important to get that investment fixed as quickly as possible. If your driveway has cracked and is sinking and sloping in places that it shouldn’t, call your local driveway sinking contractors at Able Concrete Raising. Serving Eagan, Burnsville, and St Paul, MN areas, Able Concrete Raising can help get your driveway back to perfect condition in no time!

Your Concrete Lifting Contractor

At Able Concrete Raising, we are licensed, insured and bonded. Our professionals are fully trained to take your sinking driveway and restore it to like new condition. Through a commitment of high level service, we offer an easy and affordable way to get your driveway back to something that you can be proud of.

Fixing a Sinking Driveway

So how do we do it? Our process is followed by a series of steps so that we complete every project to perfection. We begin by drilling holes into the slabs that may be sinking. Next we pump a recyclable mixture of environmentally friendly sand and concrete into the small holes. This mixture then allows all of the displaced water and air pockets to flush out, causing the pressure to lift the slab back to its original level. We then patch the holes up, wash off the surface, and allow you to go about your business.

Benefits of Concrete Raising

When this process is done, it is creating a permanent fix that is not penetrated by water. If you opted to tear up your concrete completely and replace it, it’s likely that the sinking may happen again. It’s also likely that it will cost 3 times as much! Concrete raising with our company’s three year warranty can save you approximately 75% of costs when comparing it to replacing your concrete. So why would you choose an option that costs more and is not a permanent fix? Another perk of concrete raising is the fast turnaround time. Once we have repaired the damage, owners can walk on their concrete after just one hour! Talk about a fast recovery. It can take days for concrete to fully dry!

For more information about Able Concrete Raising in the Eagan, Burnsville, and St Paul, MN areas, give us a call today. For your free estimate, contact us today at 651-688-3048 or email