If your driveway in St. Paul, South St. Paul or Eagan, MN is in bad shape, do your research before choosing to replace your entire driveway. There is a much more affordable and less time consuming option that may be just what you need. If your driveway is full of misaligned concrete slabs that cause your children and their neighborhood friends to frequently trip, driveway lifting is a cost effective option to consider. At Able Concrete Raising, we have mastered the concrete raising process and would love to take a look at your driveway to see if we can save you some money with our affordable driveway lifting!

Cost Efficient Driveway Enhancement

Time and time again, we see individuals in our community assuming that their only option to correct the issues with their driveway is a full driveway replacement. One would think that with the type of price tag associated with a full driveway replacement that people would run away from this project. The truth is however, that not many people have much knowledge about driveway lifting. In fact, investing in concrete raising rather than a full driveway replacement can save you up to 75% in costs. That cost effective incentive is enough to get you interested in this proven and affordable driveway repair option.

Driveway Lifting Facts

The driveway lifting process is centered around getting the sunken slabs on your property back to their original state. The concrete raising process begins by drilling one inch holes into the poorly functioning asphalt areas. Next, our experts push a blend of concrete and recycled sand into these very small holes, getting rid of the air pockets that are causing your driveway to weaken. This pressure below the asphalt pushes the concrete slabs back to their original level. Lastly, we patch up the holes with fresh cement and your driveway is rejuvenated and back to its original state in a matter of hours! Driveway lifting isn’t just a temporary fix. In fact, this type of driveway repair is a permanent fix at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay to replace your entire driveway.

If your driveway is in poor shape but you don’t have the money to invest in a full driveway replacement project, our team at Able Concrete Raising has a better alternative for you! Let our professional team provide you with cost effective driveway lifting services. With more than 23 years of experience, we have mastered the concrete lifting process and are eager to start your driveway lifting project soon. To request a free quote for your driveway in St. Paul, South St. Paul or Eagan, MN, give us a call today at (651) 688-3048 or email office@ableconcretemn.com.