You don’t appreciate a great working sidewalk until it begins to function poorly. The last thing that you need as a homeowner is for one of your guests to trip and fall on your uneven sidewalk that leads up to your front door. That can really put a damper on the time you spend with that friend or family member. If you are fed up with the unevenness of your sidewalk, our crew at Able Concrete Raising has you covered. Before spending your savings on concrete replacement, consider teaming up with a contractor that can raise your sidewalk back to its original level. Serving Eagan, Burnsville, St. Paul, MN and beyond, leave this project in the hands of our experts. In turn, we’ll help you save some extra money that can be used on other home improvement projects around your property.

Sidewalk Raising Perks

Over the last 23 years of serving these amazing communities in Minnesota, we’ve seen so many individuals make the mistake of replacing their sidewalks before even considering sidewalk raising. Unfortunately, sometimes the reason is that they are not informed of the benefits around sidewalk raising. One of the most popular benefits to concrete raising is the cost savings. You can save up to 75% of the cost of replacing your sidewalk by choosing concrete raising instead of concrete replacement. Another great benefit of sidewalk raising is that it is environmentally friendly. By utilizing all natural, recycled rock and sand, this option creates much less waste than concrete replacement. Another reason to consider sidewalk raising is time. When it comes to our process, you’ll be able to walk on your corrected sidewalk within an hour of our project completion. With full concrete replacement, you often have to be off of the sidewalk for at least a day.

What’s Behind Concrete Raising?

The process is actually simple, as long as the experts are handling the project. Our team will drill tiny, one inch holes into the poorly functioning sidewalk. Next, we’ll push a eco-friendly mixture of sand and concrete into these holes to get rid of the air pockets and water that has built up under your sidewalk. In turn, your sidewalk will rise back up to its original level, creating a seamless walkway for all of your guests. We’ll patch up those tiny holds and your sidewalk will be ready to use in no time!

So, if you’re embarrassed by the look of the sidewalk on your property, it is time to invest in your concrete. Rather than overspending on concrete replacement, let our contractors at Able Concrete Raising raise your sidewalk back to its original level at a fraction of the price that concrete replacement costs. Serving, Eagan, Burnsville, St. Paul, MN and other areas, give us a call today at (651) 688-3048 or email to learn more about our concrete raising services.