If you have concrete that is buckling or misaligned, concrete raising or mud jacking can be used to level these concrete slabs. At Able Concrete Raising, we have more than 20 years of experience in concrete raising and would be more than happy to assist you in resolving your concrete slab issues, no matter the size. Whether you need to have sidewalks repaired or entire warehouse floors leveled, Able Concrete Raising would be honored to work with you.

How Does Concrete Raising Work?

Our process begins by drilling small holes into any concrete slabs that are showing signs of sinking.  After drilling these small holes, we pump in a mixture of sand and concrete into the holes. This mixture helps to fill the hollow gap underneath the slab, helping to displace water and air pockets. As this recycled material fills this void, the increased pressure helps to lift the slab to its original level. Finally, all of the holes are patched with concrete and the slab is ready for use.  This process of mud jacking offers a permanent fix that is impenetrable to water.

Concrete Lifting Contractor MN & WI

At Able Concrete Raising, we don’t provide a wide array of concrete services. In fact all that we do is mud jacking.  Other companies may do all sorts of concrete projects, but we feel this devalues the level of service we’re able to provide to our clients. At Able Concrete Raising, mud jacking is all we do, which allows us to have a high level of expertise that surpasses the expectations of our clients.

Affordable Concrete Raising MN & WI

We offer an industry leading 3 year warranty, which should save you as much as 75% when compared to the cost of replacing your concrete.

Mudjacking Environmentally Friendly

We use a natural product that is a combination of recycled sand and rock that won’t cause any damage to your existing landscaping.  In addition, by raising existing concrete as opposed to replacing it, we’re able to create much less waste.

Concrete Raising Company Licensed and Insured

At Able Concrete Raising, we are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Many of our competitors are fly by night operations that do not invest the necessary resources required to properly license and insure their employees. This results in employees who aren’t fully trained, and results that are simply not up to our highest expectations. As can be seen from our A rating with the Better Business Bureau, we’re committed to providing the highest level of concrete leveling services to our clients in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Quick and Clean

At Able Concrete Raising, most of our jobs dry quickly and are safe for walking after only one hour. With our unique mud jacking process, there is little if any disruption to established lawn and landscaping areas. Furthermore, each of our jobs is thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed by our professional mud jacking crew before we sign off that the job is complete.

Concrete Raising MN and Western WI

With locations in Eagan, MN and also Wausau, WI, we’re able to serve a wide variety of residential, commercial and municipality clients.

Interested in Learning More About Our Mud Jacking Services?

If you’re interested in learning more about our concrete lifting services, don’t hesitate to Contact us today! We would be happy to come out to your location and offer a free estimate to show you in person just how economical mud jacking can be for your residential or commercial location.

We offer our concrete raising services to customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.