Is your concrete looking worse for wear? Are you tired of seeing – and tripping over – misaligned concrete slabs that have sunk, shifted, and raised, creating a jagged and dangerous path? Whether you’re looking for a residential, commercial or municipal concrete contractor to fix your concrete, it’s time to consider whether you’re in need of a full concrete replacement or a simple concrete raising. At Able Concrete Raising, we recommend concrete raising for most sidewalk repairs for several reasons; concrete raising is cheaper and more cost-effective than replacing concrete, it’s an environmentally friendly concrete repair method, it won’t leave your concrete looking patchy, and it will save you hours – if not days – compared to replacing concrete. Our concrete contractors in St. Paul, North St. Paul, South St. Paul and Egan, MN are here to help make your concrete surfaces level again without the cost, time, or resources it takes to replace your concrete, giving you the best solution – saving money and your concrete.

What Is Concrete Raising?

If you’re unfamiliar with concrete raising, you’re definitely not alone. This concrete repair technique is not used by everyone, and it’s not a common repair service people often think to look for – especially if concrete slabs look sunken and shifted beyond repair. However, concrete raising, also known as concrete lifting, mudjacking and mudlifting, is capable of saving concrete slabs in even the worst of states. Concrete raising involves the lifting of sunken and shifted concrete slabs, raising them to their original position. How is this done? By filling in the air beneath your concrete slabs that allowed them to sink in the first place! This is done in just a few simple steps:

1. Drill holes into the sunken area of a concrete slab – these holes are about the size of a quarter.
2. Pump a mixture of concrete and recycled sand into the holes, filling the air pockets and water beneath the surface. Once these holes are filled completely, your concrete slab will be raised and shifted to its original resting position and realigned with its neighboring slabs!
3. Patch holes with cement that matches the color of your current concrete surface.

That’s it! The concrete raising process is really that simple! Save Money and Time with Concrete Lifting Over Concrete Replacement. You might be wondering “how does this save me time and money?” Replacing full slabs of concrete – especially when you’re talking about a larger surface area – can get very expensive very fast. With Able Concrete Raising, though, you can save up to 75 percent of the cost of concrete replacement, making choosing concrete raising a no brainer.

As for saving time, the entire lifting process takes very little time, especially compared to replacing concrete, and you’ll be able to walk on your concrete within hours of filling the holes! When you lay new concrete, you’ll be lucky if you can walk on your concrete in days – let alone drive on it. To contact our St. Paul, North St. Paul, South St. Paul and Egan, Minnesota concrete contractors and get a free estimate for concrete raising, call us at 651-688-3048, or email