Do you have a home or business that has concrete that is buckling or misaligned in St. Paul, Minnesota? Concrete Raising, otherwise known as Mudjacking is the solution to fix your concrete slabs. At Able Concrete Raising, we work on projects of all sizes, from a sidewalk to an entire warehouse, we can solve your issues. Able Concrete Raising has more than 23 years of experience and has completed more than 8,500 jobs! If you are looking for a concrete contractor, then make sure you go with someone you trust, and with our experience you know you can rely on us.

How does concrete raising work?

The process of concrete raising starts with drilling small holes into any concrete slab that shows signs of sinking. The holes are small, and after they are drilled we will pump in a mixture of sand and concrete into the holes. This process allows the gaps underneath the slab that is uneven to be filled and in return raises the concrete. After the concrete has been leveled the holes are filled and patched with concrete and the slab will be ready to use! This process is permanent and is not affected by the elements.

Able Concrete Lifting focuses exclusively on concrete lifting. As other countries focus on a variety of services, we have limited ourselves to focus on mudjacking to allow us to make sure that we do not spread ourselves thin, but rather do each job perfect and make our clients happy. Our expertise leaves our customers feeling happy with the final product!

Concrete Raising is affordable and we also offer an industry 3 year warranty, which can save you up to 75% when comparing to replacing to your concrete. In addition, by raising existing concrete as opposed to replacing it, we are able to create less waste, and it also saves you on time. When we mudjack your concrete, you can walk on the concrete after an hour of the job being completed. Also, there is little to no disturbance on the surrounding area! Furthermore, each of our jobs is thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed by our professional mud jacking crew at the end of our job, and we do not consider a job complete until that process is done!

If you are looking for a cement contractor in St. Paul, Minnesota, then look no further than Able Concrete Raising. If you’re interested in learning more about our concrete lifting services, don’t hesitate to Contact us today! We would be happy to come out to your location and offer a free estimate to show you in person just how economical mudjacking can be for your residential or commercial location.