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Contractor to raise my sidewalk

You don’t appreciate a great working sidewalk until it begins to function poorly. The last thing that you need as a homeowner is for one of your guests to trip and fall on your uneven sidewalk that leads up to your front door. That can really put a damper on the time you spend with […]

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Sidewalk Lifting

As a homeowner, the sidewalk leading up to your front door often gets overlooked. Homeownership can be stressful because it always feels like repairs are needed. It is no surprise that repairing your sidewalk isn’t necessarily at the top of your home improvement to do list, but if you sit down and actually think about […]

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Driveway Lifting

If your driveway in St. Paul, South St. Paul or Eagan, MN is in bad shape, do your research before choosing to replace your entire driveway. There is a much more affordable and less time consuming option that may be just what you need. If your driveway is full of misaligned concrete slabs that cause […]

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Is Mudjacking Environmentally Safe?

In this day in age, it’s important to be aware of the impact and the role you play in affecting our environment. The truth is, there’s not much you have to do to keep our planet healthy. It’s small changes, like recycling, that truly make a world of difference. At Able Concrete Raising, we also […]

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Mudjacking & Concrete Lifting

Is your concrete uneven? Are you thinking about replacing concrete because it has dropped in a place, or it seems as if your foundation is uneven? Oftentimes, when concrete is being poured, the earth underneath is not 100% settled and areas of the concrete will drop due to the uneven ground underneath. Mudjacking also known […]

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Raising Concrete in Minnesota

Why choose us as your concrete lifting contractor in Minnesota? Is it not obvious enough in the name? Able Concrete Raising Inc., is the best in the business because this is the only thing we do. We focus on perfecting concrete repairs and making your property look brand new again. We have over 23 […]

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Concrete Repair

Having concrete on your property can definitely raise the value of any residential or commercial area, but it’s got to look good. Sunken concrete, uneven surfaces…ain’t nobody got time for that! At Able Concrete Raising Inc., our job is to make concrete look new and beautiful again. With a wide array of concrete repair services, […]

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Affordable Concrete Lifting

Do you have a concrete driveway or garage that needs to be repaired? Oftentimes our customers are under the impression that if their concrete is buckling or misaligned that they have to replace it, but in fact that is not true. At Able Concrete Raising, we work with our customers to fix their concrete rather […]

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Concrete Repair MN

When you notice a concrete slab on your property is damaged, you may just assume that concrete replacement is your only option to ensure that the area is restored to safety. You may be surprised to learn about concrete raising — a highly effective concrete repair technique that takes less time and is less expensive […]

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Mudjacking, Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Able Concrete Raising, Inc., serves the community of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Able is an excellent choice for all people who are searching for a concrete repair contractor that has earned a reputation for being reliable, timely, and professional. Able Raising is especially well known for its mudjacking services, a means of repairing cracked, damaged, or […]

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