Concrete Repair MN & WIAt Able Concrete Raising Inc., we understand that every dollar you put in your pocket counts. When we step foot on your property, we know that you have worked hard to live there. We know that every cent matters and that you have a choice on how to improve your property. Honestly, we are glad you chose us. We are a concrete repair contractor in MN that will take you through the concrete raising process at an affordable price!

Concrete Repair Contractor MN

In order to truly understand the affordability of concrete raising, it’s important to look at prices for nixing the concrete repairs and just redoing the entire thing! Between demolition and labor, you can plan on astronomical costs. So, if you want to opt out of the higher prices, does that mean your property has to suffer? Absolutely not! Able Concrete Raising Inc., performs concrete repairs and concrete raising. We can get your sidewalk, driveway, or patio looking brand new again! The concrete raising process can save you up to 75% of the cost compared to replacing concrete. This means the same great look for one quarter of the price!

Concrete Raising Process

So why exactly is concrete raising so much more affordable than doing an entire concrete replacement? At Able Concrete Raising, concrete repair and raising is the only thing we do. We know it so well because we live it and breathe it every day. Therefore, we have perfected our concrete raising process, saving you time and money. We use an all-natural product under your existing concrete, making it both environmental friendly and inexpensive. Our recycled rock and sand mixture also ensures that the existing landscaping around your concrete will not be damaged. We raise the settled concrete, instead of replacing it, creating less waste and less cost for you!

Concrete Repairs Fast

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘time is money.’ In today’s world, this has never been more true! Concrete raising with Able Concrete Raising Inc., is the best alternative for a quick turnaround that lasts quite a long time! Most of our projects can be walked on within an hour of completing the project. There is no waiting for concrete to dry! We also clean and pressure wash every job site before we leave, ensuring a beautiful and affordable look!

If you are contemplating concrete repair, Able Concrete Raising has all the right answers for you! For more information on our concrete raising process with an affordable concrete repair contractor in MN, call Able Concrete Raising Inc., today at 651-688-3048 or email us at