Concrete Repair Oakdale

Although concrete is a very strong material, there may be times when it becomes damaged over time. The harsh winters in Oakdale, MN definitely have an impact on the strength of your properties concrete. Rather than replacing your concrete when repairs are needed, consider a more affordable alternative known as concrete raising. Our team at […]

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Lake Elmo Mudjacking Services

You don’t realize how important a functioning driveway is until it becomes damaged. Overtime, concrete can become misaligned, causing cracks and damage to your driveway. Too often, homeowners get convinced that they need to replace their concrete entirely. At Able Concrete Raising, Inc., we do everything we can to keep you from having to fully […]

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Concrete Lifting Woodbury

If you have a concrete driveway, walkway, or parking lot, you know that time can wreak havoc on your concrete slabs.  Time is not the only factor, of course—weather can cause settling and shifting of the ground underneath concrete slabs. When such factors cause concrete slabs to become uneven and/or cracked, not only has the […]

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Bloomington Concrete Repair

When you buy your kid an expensive toy and they play with it for a few hours and then tell you that they accidentally broke it, what do you do? Do you take one look at it and throw it away? No, that toy was expensive! No, you want to fix the toy! You want […]

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Mudjacking in Hudson, WI

There’s nothing like finding a bargain that saves you money. Whether it be coupons from the Sunday newspaper or shopping on Black Friday for the big deals, there is a rush that you feel when you find products cheaper than they normally are priced. What about the misaligned concrete on your Hudson, WI property that […]

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Affordable Concrete Repair MN

When you install concrete, you expect it to last for years, even and especially through harsh Minnesota winters, so when your concrete becomes damaged, it’s not always easy to resign yourself to the cost of concrete repairs or replacement. Sometimes, though, concrete damage has nothing to do with storm damage or weather; sometimes, your concrete […]

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Twin Cities Concrete Raising

One of the most frustrating part of investing in a concrete surface, whether it be a driveway, front steps, garage floor, patio, or any other surface at your home or business, is having to make concrete repairs. Although we’d like to think otherwise, unfortunately, concrete is not infallible, and it’s not the perfect solution to […]

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Repair Your Concrete, Don’t Replace

If you’re tired of looking outside at your bowing, and uneven concrete, it’s time to take action.  While you’ve probably thought that your only option was to replace your concrete, that’s actually not the case.  At Able Concrete Raising, we can use mudjacking to raise your concrete to an optimal level for much less than […]

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